Abstract - A. Sitjà-Bobadilla 2008

Fish immune response to myxozoan parasites.
Parasite 15: 420-425
Myxozoan parasites are responsible for important economic losses among fisheries and aquaculture industries, and hence the high interest in studying the immune response of fish against them. The most important data available concerning the immune response of fish against myxosporeans are reviewed, with emphasis on the different innate and adaptive immune mechanisms, their relationship with natural and acquired resistance and the strategies to control and prevent myxosporoses. Cellular effectors (lymphocytes, granulocytes, phagocytes, non-specific cytotoxic cells, rodlet cells) and humoral factors (lysozyme, peroxidades, antiproteases, complement, specific antibodies) have been examined for several myxosporoses, and some immune relevant genes have been studied. This information will be crucial for the future development of vaccines and other preventive strategies such as immunomodulation and selection of disease-resistant strains.
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