Myxozoan Update - January 2015

This year will see two large biannual European meetings:

- 17th International Conference on Diseases of Fish and Shellfish organised by the EAFP

- 9th International Symposium on Fish Parasites in Valencia, Spain

As discussed at the last myxozoan workshop, which was held at the 2014 ISAAH meeting in Portland, the next myxozoan workshop will be held in conjunction with the ISFP meeting in Valencia. The workshop is always a great opportunity to network face-to-face with myxo colleagues and engage in open forum discussion of some of the more controversial aspects of myxo research: origin, evolution, classification...

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We're always in the process of updating the Myxozoa In Press pages and the Contacts.
So, if you have anything to add, please email us with papers, posters or meeting info!

Myxo posters online

Several myxo researchers have expressed an interest in being able to refer to actual conference posters, and not just the abstracts. So we've created a new page under Myxozoa In Press that has links to downloadable versions of posters, sorted by the conference that they were presented at.

If citing posters in your papers:

  • remember that posters are unrefereed sources along the lines of personal communications
  • always check if the work has been subsequently published in a peer-reviewed journal
  • in the references section, cite the abstract (if published) or the poster link

If you would like to make a conference poster available here, please email us a PDF, PPT or TIF format file, ideally less than 5Mb.

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