Myxozoan Update - July 2014

2014 International Symposium on Aquatic Animal Health (ISAAH)
will be in Portland, Oregon, USA.

August 31 - September 4

First, its not too late to register before late registration fees kick in at the end of July, you can find more information at the link above. The response to the myxozoan sessions has been great and we have filled 3 sessions on Wed with a great line-up of talks, as well as having myxozoan talks in other sessions and in the poster session (blue highlights indicate student presentations). Below I’ve listed them by session (not in order), and in addition we will have a myxozoan discussion session on Thursday after the luncheon, in which we will meet in a less formal atmosphere and discuss current topics. So come prepared with a few slides if you have something you would like to discuss – and send me an email to let me know.

Myxo posters online

Several myxo researchers have expressed an interest in being able to refer to actual conference posters, and not just the abstracts. So we've created a new page under Myxozoa In Press that has links to downloadable versions of posters, sorted by the conference that they were presented at.

If citing posters in your papers:

  • remember that posters are unrefereed sources along the lines of personal communications
  • always check if the work has been subsequently published in a peer-reviewed journal
  • in the references section, cite the abstract (if published) or the poster link

If you would like to make a conference poster available here, please email us a PDF, PPT or TIF format file, ideally less than 5Mb.

Myxozoan Update - March 2013

Here's a short update to start off 2013 - a list of upcoming meetings that may be of interest to myxo researchers.

We're also in the process of updating the Myxozoa In Press pages and the Contacts, So, if you have anything to add, please email us with papers, posters or meeting info!

2013 EAFP meeting will be in Tampere, Finland.

2013 American Fisheries Society - Fish Health Section meeting will be in Port Townsend, Washington, USA.

2014 International Symposium on Aquatic Animal Health (ISAAH) will be in Portland, Oregon, USA details here.

November 2011

2011 EAFP and ISFP meetings

A summary of myxo-related discussions at 2011 meetings is available here.

March 2011

Dear myxozoan researchers,

I'll include here a couple of items of interest:

Myxozoan session/EAFP

This will be held in conjunction with the upcoming meeting of the EAFP in Split, Croatia in September. Deadlines for abstract submission are approaching - April 8, and we have realized that in the submission system that there is no way to indicate that your talks belong in the myxozoan session.

So to make sure that we fill our special session, please include your abstracts in the "Parasitic diseases" subject and send an email both to myself and Jose Garcia that you wish to be included in the Myxozoan session.

We will also have a roundtable discussion session similar to other meetings, and topics are still being solicited so if you have ideas please contact me.

Additional information is available on the EAFP website

Important dates: abstract submission - April 8, early registration - May 13.

Click here for the Preliminary Schedule of Events

International Symposium of Fish Parasites

This meeting will be held in Vi�a del Mar Chile, from the 26 th to the30th of September, 2011. It will be an excellent meeting and another good venue for hearing presentations of myxozoan research.

Salmon Disease Workshop

Although not strictly myxozoan, this short course is designed for those of you who would like a refresher on diseases of salmon and trout or to expand your expertise. We offer this course every other year and people come from a variety of research and aquaculture backgrounds so there is sharing on a wide variety of topics - including myxozoans. I would welcome you to attend.

Myxozoan Website

You will note that the website has been updated. One of the discussions at the last myxozoan workshop, held in Florida in conjunction with the International Symposium on Aquatic Animal Health last Sept, was on developing a bibliograph of older papers - if you have pdf files you would like to contribute, please email these to Stephen.

We are also happy to post titles of papers in press. However, we wish to avoid copyright infringement by posting newer papers directly on the website, and have decided to handle this by linking to your personal/institutional sites from your contact page, where you may have more flexibiity in posting them. Stephen has also added a page that provides information on institutions that accept archival material from species descriptions.

You will be hearing more about the myxozoan session as it becomes organized - hope to see many of you in Croatia!


Myxozoan Update - November 2010

Hello myxozoan researchers,

Several bits of news to pass on:


Two post-doctoral positions are available with Mansour El-Matbouli (Vetmeduni, Austria) - one working with PKD (3 year position), and a 4 year position focusing on RNAi and whirling disease (click here for info).


Astrid Holzer (UV, Spain) will be moving to a new position as Head of Fish Protistology and will be at the Czech Academy of Sciences. Ron Hedrick (UCDavis, USA) claims to be retiring as of Dec 31 - we will truly miss you.

Myxozoan Website

Following the myxozoan workshop in Florida, Heather Ellery (USGS, USA) and Stephen Atkinson (OSU, USA) have started to compile a library of pdfs of myxozoan references (particularly older ones).

If you have any you'd like to contribute, please email these to Stephen, or if there are many, please burn them on a cd and send to Stephen at the Department of Microbiology, Nash Hall 220, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon 97331, USA.

Please feel free to send anything else you would like to share,


Update, mid 2010

Review of Whirling Disease in the United States

Multiple authors contributed to this 2009 review of Whirling Disease.
Click here to download a pdf.

Myxozoans on facebook

We have created a facebook group called Myxozoa to further promote online networking of myxo researchers and to promote timely discussion of myxo-related topics. It should also be a forum for posting photos and videos of general interest. You'll need a (free) facebook account to get access:

14th EAFP conference Myxo session wrapup:

The goals of this session were to begin discussion on current research approaches that can be applied to studying and making predictions of changing myxozoan disease patterns and to develop collaborative links and pre-proposal outlines for specific funding opportunities. Click here to read more and see some of the presentations.

Book Publication:
An atlas on Histopathology of Protistan and Myxozoan Infections in Fishes, by Iva Dykova and Jiri Lom is a beautiful volume with extensive photographs. It has a very nice section covering general histology as well as sections on each parasite group. Click these links to download the advertising leaflet and order form
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